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Goat Control Deck is named after the «Scapegoat» spell card and its control strategy. This deck uses «Metamorphosis» on his level 1 monster or a «sheep token» to summon «Restrict a Thousand Eyes». «Limit Thousand Eyes» was a very powerful offensive and defensive card in this format thanks to the priority of the ignition effect. In order to have enough costs for «Metamorphosis», players usually play other monsters such as «Sinister Serpent» and «Sangan» (to find viable targets). Besides limited edition trap cards such as «Mirror Force» and «Torrential Tribute», «Scapegoat» and «Thousand Eyes Restrict» are the main form of defense of the goat control deck. Opposing players usually use piercing monsters like «Airknight Parshath» or other popular cleanup cards like «Asura Priest» and «Tribal Infecting Virus» to break through the token wall. So we checked the prohibited list, checked which cards were legal, and created a game. What else? Well, to begin with, refresh the rules. If you`ve played before, you know a lot of basics, but there are some rules that have changed, and the goat format resets them as they were (like unlimited main and extra decks or initial game education). You can find these reverse rules on the website. If you haven`t played the game yet, you can learn the basics of version 5 of the official rulebook. This deck is considered a classic deck, this site is used to tell the story of a deck, rather than as it is now played with unofficial rules.

This can be done either through changes to the game`s mechanics, changes to the «TCG» or «OCG» prohibited/limited list, or the deck has slowly lost its ability to be played over time because there has been no support or neglect for years. This game gained popularity under the new goat format, which sets the banned list to April 2005. As of September 2012, «Tukuyomi» was limited, but other key deck cards, such as «Restrict Thousand Eyes», remained banned, making the deck still unplayable. However, in September 2013, «Scapegoat» became Unlimited. In January 2014, «Magician of Faith» became part of TCG Limited and eventually Unlimited. In April 2015, «Sinister Serpent» and «Ring of Destruction» were limited with watered-down effects. A year later, «Thousand-Eyes Restrict» became Limited and eventually Unlimited. To date, «metamorphosis» is prohibited. Now that you`ve brushed up on the rules, you probably want to play with people.

Just find your friends who convinced you to play the Goat format too, or download DuelingBook and get started. If you want to know which are the top decks, you can check out the list of levels, and you`ll find that most people play Goat Control or Thunder Dragon Chaos. My personal experience has shown me that Thunder Dragon Chaos is the most popular. However, many other old decks are viable, although they may not be level 1 or 0. About a week ago, I shared one of my thoughts on the current state of Yu-Gi-Oh! And how Powercreep got ridiculous in the game. In comments and other discussions, I noticed that people were talking about «Goat Format», and I thought that some might be working on this unofficial version of Yu-Gi-Oh! Be interested. I had heard of the format before, but I finally decided to study it. In short, it`s an unofficial format for Yu-Gi-Oh! Fans to enjoy the game from the beginning. It uses rules and maps that were legal in the summer of 2005, so all cards can be used through The Lost Millennium. If this sounds interesting to you, read on.

There are many players who play the goat control format for fun, and lately, tournaments in this format have appeared. As this is a slow format with complicated tactical decisions, players usually cut the pool of cards before the release of Cybernetic Revolution, while some players count in Collectible Tins 2005, which includes «Exarion Universe». This is mainly due to the huge impact of the release of «Cyber Dragon». [1 1] Goat control trays became virtually dead after the banned and limited lists of September 2005, when «Scapegoat,» «Metamorphosis,» and «Thousand Eyes Restrict» were all limited. According to the September 2006 lists, the Advanced format game became completely obsolete, as «Tsukuyomi» and «Thousand Eyes Restrict» were banned. «Magicians of Faith» and «Metamorphosis» have also since been banned. If you`re playing virtually, DuelingBook is the only simulator that currently supports the Goat format, but its deck builder has a built-in option to legally display only cards in Goat format. Simply create an account, then enter the deck builder, click on «More options», then under «Custom:», select «Cards in Goat format» and then click on «Search». This will only show you legal maps, but it won`t tell you the goat ban list, so you should always be aware of this. I`ve been playing the Goat format on DuelingBook for a while now, and it really brings you back. The big downside to me is that 85% of the time, you`re only dealing with the two high-level decks, and unless you`re also using one of the established high-level decks, you probably won`t do well. My personal experience is that people don`t play and experiment with a bunch of different types of decks, but just stick to high-level meta decks.

What is your favorite Goat Deck? My favorite is my warrior deck. When I`m not writing for GameTyrant or GeekTyrant, I enjoy playing games and running my YouTube channel, Poor Man Pedals for guitarists.